The Team – Bios

The experience, skills and networks of our team are an essential asset in delivering Canberra Clean Energy’s community projects. The Canberra Clean Energy team is a volunteer team guide and implement our projects

Project Coordinators

Alexandra Auhl

Legal Researcher

Alex has just completed honours as part of her B.Arts/B.Law studies at the ANU. Her topic covers renewable energy law in Australia and several EU jurisdictions. She has an emerging interest in environmental law, politics and economics and hopes to put these skills to good use as a legal coordinator for SolarShare. She is particularly excited about the prospects for a community solar farm in the ACT.’

Charlotte Wood

Policy Coordinator

Charlie has a range of policy, lobbying and organizational experience.  She was the Climate, energy and environment advisor for ACT Greens Minster Shane Rattenbury for the recent ACT election. She founded and coordinated the Australian Youth Climate Coalition’s ACT branch, co-coordinated the AYCC’s delegation to the Copenhagen climate talks and represented Australian youth at the Durban climate. She also co-founded a real food Canberra sustainability organization and, in 2011, wrote a book about sustainable food which was endorsed by HRH The Prince of Wales, Stephanie Alexander and Maggie Beer among others.

Julia McDonald

Project Development Coordinator

Julia is an engineer at renewable energy consultancy IT Power Australia. She has worked on major solar projects across Australia including design and site selection for a trial PV system at Parliament House and solar feasibility studies for a major bank. Julia has been actively involved in technology based community organisations for over 5 years, is the president of the Canberra Electric Vehicle Association and a past president of Engineers without Borders ACT.

Lawrence McIntosh

Project Lead and Business planning

Lawrence is a founding member of the ACT’s first formal jointly owned solar farm located in Kambah. He currently works at ActewAGL and though previous work with Armada Solar project managed several solar installations that were, at the time, the largest in the ACT.

In other business pursuits Lawrence is also a founder of Greatvenue, a venue recommendation web service to assist people with disability and was the ACT young business person of the year in 2004.

Nicholas Engerer

Web and Marketing Assistance

Nick is excited to join up with Canberra Clean Energy after moving to Canberra from the United States in June 2011.  He is currently completing a PhD at ANU, studying how clouds impact the power generated by rooftop solar arrays.  Before heading down under, he completed a Masters Degree at the University of Oklahoma in meteorology.  In between chasing tornadoes, he wrote a thesis that estimated how much power rooftop solar installations would produce in Oklahoma.  Nick is known for his passion and enthusiasm and can’t wait to use his knowledge about solar power to support SEE-Change and Canberra Clean Energy implement community based solar projects!

Steve O’Connor

Community Outreach

As well as being a doting father and busy IT professional, Steve O’Connor has been trained by Al Gore to be a leader with the Climate Reality Project and has written several articles about climate change that have been published on The Drum (ABC), Crikey and most recently New Matilda.

Last year, Steve was a field co-ordinator for the Say Yes campaign, organising a climate change community forum at ANU with speakers representing angles from youth, economics and climate science. Previously, Steve was a contributor at Skeptical Science, which won the 2011 Eureka Prize for advancement of climate science knowledge.

Vanessa Morris

Communications and Marketing Advisor

Vanessa works in communicating the benefits of Industrial Energy Efficiency to Australia’s top energy-using companies at the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism. She is a Climate Reality Project Presenter, was the founding Executive Officer of SEE-Change from 2008-2010 and was the co-organiser of the first SEE-Change Solar Bulk Buy. Her background is in media and she is a former radio broadcaster at ABC 666, ABC 702 in Sydney, and on radio programs nationally.

Victoria Till

Marketing Coordinator

Vic is relatively new to Canberra and is also new to the solar energy scene. But what she lacks in technical knowledge she makes up for in marketing know-how. Before moving to Canberra she spent four years at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, creating integrated marketing communications for new media projects and platforms. Vic is enjoying an opportunity to use her knowledge and creative flair for the power of good. She is excited to be part of the team bringing community-owned solar power to Canberra.

Project Advisors

Ben Elliston

Policy Advisor

Ben is a SEE-Change member and PhD candidate in the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications at the University of New South Wales. Here he studies grid integration issues for large-scale solar generators in Australia. Ben has a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering) from the University of Canberra and a Master of Engineering from the ANU. He is actively involved with the ACT branch of the Australian Solar Energy Society and is an advocacy team member of Pedal Power.

Catherine Burkitt

Communications and Marketing Advisor

Catherine worked for more than ten years in strategic communications research and planning consultancies in UK and Australia on projects for a mix of public sector and commercial clients. She was involved in the development of a wide range of communications, including leading research for the Australian Better Health Initiative ‘Measure Up’ campaign. Since 2010 she has worked in communications at the Department of Health and Ageing, on the National Tobacco Campaign and in aged care regulation.

Peter Campbell

Project Advisor

Peter is a biochemist who owns a PV system from the first SEE-Change bulk buy and drives a home-converted electric car using GreenPower. He is involved in an ongoing project for the strata title townhouses where he lives to install a communally owned PV system to match the electricity consumed to light their common areas.

SEE-Change Project Support and Management

Anne Clarke

SEE-Change Executive Officer

Anne is the Executive Officer of SEE-Change and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Australian National University.  Anne has significant experience in communications, community engagement, marketing, accounts, and research, in both the private and public sectors. Anne has a deeply held commitment to the principles of community development, social justice and sustainability and a strong understanding of the volunteer sector. Since joining SEE-Change in 2009, Anne has applied her experience, enthusiasm and skill to supporting the organisation’s vision and actions to reduce Canberra’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Bob Douglas

Previous SEE-Change Chair and Project Advisor

Bob graduated in medicine at the University of Adelaide in 1959. In 1967 he became a specialist physician in Papua New Guinea where he developed an interest in epidemiology, becoming involved in international health, vaccine development and health services development as an academic in community medicine. In 1989 he moved from his post as Dean of the Medical School in Adelaide, to become the first Director of The National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at The Australian National University. Since his retirement in 2001, Bob has worked with others to establish SEE-Change Inc as a mechanism for empowering concerned and interested people to take charge of their future. Since retirement Bob has also established another new organisation, Australia 21, which is supporting networks of scholars and thinkers to consider some of the challenges ahead.

Past team members

Amanda Snashall

SEE-Change & Canberra Clean Energy Project Manager

Amanda is presently an APAI PhD scholar at the Australian National University, with degrees in Engineering and Information Technology from the same institution. Her project management experience includes three years at Connell Wagner (now Aurecon), a multinational engineering and consultancy services firm, working on a diverse range of projects. In addition to her strong technical and managerial background, Amanda has considerable interest in renewable energy and has recently installed a large residential PV solar generator on her own home.

Amy Tielu

Communications and Marketing Advisor

Canberra Clean Energy’s social marketing officer, Amy graduated from the Australian National University with Bachelor degrees in Arts and Information Technology. Currently a business analyst with the Commonwealth Government, Amy’s experience includes project and contract management under a variety of eBusiness initiatives. Amy joins the SEE-Change team with an interest to promote Canberra’s growing movement in renewable energy by leveraging the power of social marketing.

Bill Gresham

Technical Advisor

Bill is a retired public servant (AusAID) with degrees in Asian Studies,  Agriculture,  Economics (Political) and Graphic Design. He is also a qualified Fitter and Turner and has managed his own engineering business. He has had a life-time interest in solar energy. He was the co-developer of the first solar bulk buy in Canberra (SEE-Change project) and Co-founder of the Canberra Electric Vehicle Association. Bill was the founding editor of the SEE-Change and AuSES (ACT) monthly newsletters (2007/08) and has had installed (on his own home) a solar water heater (2004), a solar PV system (2007) and a solar air heater (2009).

Erin Stonestreet

Project Advisor, Communications and Marketing Advisor

Canberra Clean Energy’s website author and project advisor, Erin Stonestreet graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), and a Masters of Engineering Science from the University of New South Wales. Erin brings to SEE-Change her years of experience with the Commonwealth Government as a systems engineer and a project manager to support their initiatives in renewable energy for Canberra and the region.

Michael Furey

Project Advisor

Michael currently works for a local solar energy company in Canberra. He recently graduated with a BSc Geography degree from the University of Birmingham. Since completing university Michael has worked for the Departments of Environment and Climate Change in the UK. He has also worked for a number of renewable energy developers in the United States, most notably Sungevity, the 3rd largest residential solar company in the US. Michael is the founder of Global Sunrise, which works to deploy renewable technologies in Sierra Leone to foster sustainable development.

Nicky Mofatt

Project Advisor

Nicky is a former Campaigner for Environment Victoria and co-founder of Save Goolengook Inc which successfully lobbied to have the forested Goolengook Valley (Victoria) protected as national park.  She has a Bachelor of Science with honours from the ANU and her thesis investigated options for localising energy supply in Canberra using wood based fuels from the Australian Capital Region. Nicky presently lives in Melbourne where she works for the Victorian Department of Justice.

We are always looking for more people to get involved with Canberra Clean Energy. If you want to lend a hand, check out the Get Involved page find out how!

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