Solar Bulk Buy

Project: Residential Solar Bulk Buy

High quality, low fuss, economical solar for your own rooftop!

If you want to put solar on your own rooftop but have been reluctant to because of costs or complexity then Canberra Clean Energy can help you make your solar system a reality!

We’ve previously assisted individuals within the ACT community install photovoltaic (PV) systems through three separate bulk-buy projects with great success. Building on this experience and the recent reductions in system costs, we are now looking to run another, even bigger bulk buy for Canberra.

Through this project the Canberra Clean Energy team will connect with Canberrans that want to reduce their energy bills and their environmental footprint by installing a solar PV system on their own rooftop. Using our skills and experience combined with the power of a community bulk-buy, we will work with local PV installers to reduce both the cost and complexity of PV for you.

Register here and we’ll make sure you’re kept in the loop with the latest on this opportunity.

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