Concept Development

Canberra Clean Energy is investigating a number of options for future projects.  These concepts include:

  • A Canberra Community Wind Crowd-funding Project,
  • A Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Trading Project,
  • A Community Green Waste Collection and Anaerobic Digestion Project
  • A Distributed HotRot Systems Project
  • Canberra ‘Car Share’ Project

Take our survey to tell us what projects you’d like to see us implement!

This page will be regularly updated as future projects move through the development stages.  In the meantime, regular updates regarding the Clean Energy Initiatives will be posted as part of our newsletter – subscribe to make sure you know the latest. This subscription process will also give you the opportunity to express your support for any or all of the initiatives listed above!

Do you have a bright idea about how to increase the uptake of clean, green energy in the Canberra region or how to reduce Canberra’s greenhouse gas emissions? Do you want to help make Clean Energy Initiatives a reality? Let us know!

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