Patchwork PV – Solar for Scouts

Project: Patchwork PV – Solar for Scouts

Imagine the sun fundraising for your local Scout group, every day of the year – for the next 20 years!

Patchwork PV is the pilot program of SEE-Change’s Community Solar Initiative – an initiative that aims to put solar panels on the roof of every not-for-profit community organisation in the ACT.

Tailor made for our partners at Scouts ACT, Patchwork PV uses an innovative community funding approach to achieve wide-spread installation of photovoltaic systems that benefit Scouts, the environment and our local community.

By providing technical, fundraising and promotional support, Canberra Clean Energy will work with Scouts ACT to crowd-fund their photovoltaic projects and make them a reality.

With every tax-deductible donation going to fund local community PV installations, this is one of the best ways to give a gift that keeps giving to your local community.

Donate now to help Scouts Go Solar!

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