Our History

The Canberra Clean Energy group was founded by SEE-Change – a not for profit organisation run for the benefit of the Canberra Community, who’s primary aim is to inspire, inform and support community action to reduce Canberra’s ecological footprint. SEE-Change has approximately 200 local members, over 1300 mail subscribers and strong ties with other local environmental and sustainability organisations.

SEE-Change has managed three successful solar bulk buys for the ACT community, with this initiative resulting in the installation of 50 new solar PV systems across Canberra – equating to 190 kW of generating capacity. SEE-Change’s interaction and collaboration with the Canberra community throughout these bulk buys, lead them to a strong understanding of the passion and enthusiasm that so many in our community have for clean energy.

Intent on building on the success of these solar bulk buys programs and reducing Canberra’s greenhouse gas emssisions, SEE-Change has brought together a diverse group of experienced and highly motivated individuals to form the Canberra Clean Energy group. This group, supported by SEE-Change and with start-up funding from the ACT Government, is intent on improving Canberra’s energy literacy and making our city the Solar Capital – one roof-top at a time.