More Detail on Canberra Community Solar

Community Solar is a Canberra Clean Energy initiative which aims to partner with local community organisations to place solar power installations on community centres, all funded through the crowd-power of our community.

Why Community-Funded Solar?

We know that a that a lot of Canberrans are interested in solar power, but are prevented from investing due to the high up-front costs and/or lack of suitable roofspace.  By reaching out to the community for funding, we create a way to connect people who are interested in supporting solar power and their community with organisations who would love to implement solar power but lack the upfront capital to do so.

How It Works

Canberra Clean Energy works with partner community organisations to develop and implement the project planning, site selection, technical, contractual and operating arrangements for the installation.

Then, through the combined networks of the partner community organisation and Canberra Clean Energy, we reach out to the local community to fund the installation, giving the community members the opportunity to sponsor one or more Solar Cells.  The combination of individual donations allow us to harness the power of the crowd to fund green energy installations, while also enabling individuals to contribute to the future for their community.  Thanks to the deductable gift recipient status of SEE-Change (Canberra Clean Energy’s parent organisation), all the tile sponsorships are also tax deductible.

Once the funding has been sourced, Canberra Clean Energy oversees the installation of the solar power panels, and provides ongoing support for management and maintenance of the system.

Benefits of Community Solar

Not only does Community Solar provide the partner community organisations with significant, tangible benefits through significantly reduced electricity bills both now and in the future, it also helps move Canberra closer to a greener, cleaner future. A portion of the funds generated by Community Solar installations are used to fund the future of Canberra Clean Energy, ensuring that clean energy projects and events continue to be implemented across Canberra.

Canberra Clean Energy is now looking to partner with local non-for-profit community organisations to begin the fund-raising process and start installing solar power on community-owned roof-tops! If you are interested in donating or becoming a community partner contact us to find out more!

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