SEE-Change Comments on ACT Government’s “Five Pathways to Carbon Neutrality”

On 28 February 2011, we submitted comment to the ACT Government’s “Weathering the Change, Action Plan 2”: Five Pathways to Carbon Neutrality. Of the five pathways, we suggested that Pathway 2 was our preferred option as a starting point of action due to it’s ability to adapt to emerging opportunities and encourage the uptake of renewable technologies.

Green IdeasPathway 2: Buildings, transport, waste and renewable energy

Pathway 2 targets reductions in GHG emissions from buildings (Strategy 1), transport (Strategy 2) and waste (Strategy 3), with the remaining emissions achieved through switching approximately two-thirds of the ACT’s electricity supply to renewable energy (Strategy 4).

— ACT Government  “Weathering the Change – Draft Action Plan 2”

In our submission we also stressed the importance of education and community engagement in the implementation of the plan and the imperative to take action soon. These comments will be used by the ACT Government to finalise the Action Plan and take the necessary steps towards an inclusive, attractive, liveable and sustainable future for Canberra.

If you would like further information about our submission let us know.

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