Survey: Tell Us What You Want!

The Canberra Clean Energy Connection is a community-based initiative and we want to know what Canberrans really want to see in local, renewable energy projects. Please complete our survey to let us know your thoughts – your feedback will directly influence the clean energy projects that we develop in 2012.

By completing this survey you also go in the draw to win a copy of ‘Helpings’, the new sustainable and real food cookbook written by local Canberran authors – hot off the press!

Update: We have now finished running the survey and announced the cookbook winners, however if you can still the survey by clicking this link.

3 thoughts on “Survey: Tell Us What You Want!

  1. What I would have loved to see See-Change doing after the Belconnen bulk buy of domestic solar and before now is providing/recommending an independent broker for the plethora of companies selling and installing domestic solar. Even though subsidies have gone, it’s not too late for such a service for the confused.

  2. I would like a through assessment of the use of photovoltaic energy in Canberra. ActewAGL has the information necessary to determine the output of the large amount of solar that has already been installed. The people you are encouraging to install solar have the right to know what output they can expect and not have to rely on information from industry, be it individual retailers or the Clean Energy Council.
    The community has the right to know how much PV solar is costing it.
    I object to the use of over $70000 dollars of the community’s money to set up a scheme which will be under the control of an individual organization, SEE-Change.
    While I can see that SEE-Change will be advantaged by having control, I can’t see any advantage to the community as a whole that electricity come from your solar power station rather than one run by a company that people can invest in if they so wish.
    This community solar project has everything to do with politics and nothing to do with climate mitigation.

    John Bromhead

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