Solar Seminar Success!

Over 65 people attended our first Solar Seminar at the Bob Douglas Theatre. Attendees were a mix of community members, Departmental representatives and representatives from local community organisations. Ben Elliston, Bill Gresham and Lawrie McIntosh all put on fantastic presentations, with the crowd asking several questions after each talk.

Bob Douglas and Amanda Snashall rounded out proceedings with some information about upcoming events and projects to come from Canberra Clean Energy in 2012. Many attendees came up for a chat after the seminar and everyone left the event with a renewed passion for renewable energy and a high level of interest in our community solar projects!

Thank you to Scotty Foster from 2XX who attended the seminar and recorded everything that went on. We look forward to a broadcast the talks on ‘Behind the Lines’ in the near future. Thank you to everyone who helped make last night a success – in particular a big thank you to our speakers for putting on such a wonderful show and to Anne Clarke and Kerrie Waide for making everyone feel welcome on arrival!

More interesting and informative events to come in 2012!

2 thoughts on “Solar Seminar Success!

  1. I wonder if ACT Housing representatives attended this meeting?
    I asked for solar heat straight away after taking up residence in my now Housing flat in Ainslie.
    And it was summarily rejected.

    I believe that to allow all Public Housing, where appropriate, to be equipped with solar panels would greatly increase the clean energy objectives in this Territory.

    Thula Klumpes

    • Hi Thula Klumpes,

      There may have been ACT Housing representatives at the seminar, however I did not talk with one that evening.

      I agree with you – installation of solar panels and/or solar water heating on every viable building in Canberra would help bring us closer to a carbon neutral Canberra. I’ve noted your point regarding Public Housing and will discuss it with the Canberra Clean Energy team during our next meeting.

      All I can say right now is that while we can’t set ACT Government policy direction, we are working to provide a range of projects that enable every Canberran the opportunity to get involved in renewable energy production. Stay tuned for more info and thanks for your comment!


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